German Canadian Male Chorus of Calgary

Dear Friends and Members of the Choir,

In order to protect our members and the general public, our weekly practices and concerts have been suspended until further notice. Starting back in March we began using Zoom for online practices, which has been working out amazingly well. We are working on some new songs and we hope to put on a concert this fall if the pandemic gets under control. For

How is Canada doing in the COVID 19 fight?

The short answer, is "better than the USA and the UK, but not as well as Australia". Why is Australia's COVID-19 death rate so low and almost every other country so high? Simple. The Aussie politicians listened to their scientists and the Aussies listened to their politicians, so while were fighting wave 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 the Aussies have living life almost like the pre-pandemic days, except for the occasional brief lock-down when someone sneaks into the country carrying a few COVID-19 viruses.


Click here for a graph showing vaccination doses per hundred for Canada and several other countries.


The graph below shows the COVID 19 deaths per million for Canada and several other countries.
Click here for the most recent version of this graph.